“In running for Congress in the 4th District I realize a special responsibility to the voters of the 4th District, namely to see that they are given common sense representation in Washington if elected, but in all cases a conservative voice during the campaign. Our country is in a very disturbed mood and hopefully many voters will vote for the conservative cause in 2014.

The problems America faces are many, the list is long. Let us begin with full repeal of ObamaCare. and regain our freedom to choose our own doctor and health care.
Looking forward to hearing from you and to seeing you on the campaign trail.

Paul Wright

Post Script:                          Current Events
We must stand against any foolish attempts to bring us into a war with Russia.  We must  strictly stand  for defending our land at home and for peace; and cease the senseless  wars abroad that  are  harming America and  illegal according to our Constitution.
Congress must reassert its sole legal power to take America to war. Otherwise the people have no representation in matters of war.